i*ght6  – is a pretty impressive password – Good Luck Remembering it in 5 minutes.  And a well informed, computer literate 9th grader could crack it in about 60 minutes.

(Seriously if you think 9th graders are the ones we should be concerned about, read this Article https://www.csoonline.com/article/3177438/10-types-of-hackers-and-how-theyll-harm-you.html

BusinessCustomer101 – this is another impressive password…and I bet you will remember it tomorrow.  Why is it better then the first one?  It is longer and will take that nasty hacker years to break..so they won’t!

Some of you might appreciate this but I wonder if its for the right reasons, the trend emerging from Security Experts Best Practices indicates that asking users to change their passwords periodically might not be a good idea….MUNIS users know what I am talking about.


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